A New Approach To Data

A New Approach To Data

At the heart of Data Chemist is a completely new way of thinking about data. A way of delivering correct, consistent data and revealing the patterns and relationships that make a real difference to your business. And a way to enable every individual in the organization to get insights from that data. Here’s how we do it.

  • Rich Semantic Schema

  • Smart Data Migration

  • Swift Problem Solving

  • Time & Money Saving

Start From The Right Place

Together with the client we devise a desired schema for all the organization’s data, one constructed in terms of the relationships between meaningful business objects - and the rules that govern those relationships. That schema incorporates semantic intelligence about your data, and maps relationships usually undiscovered by conventional approaches.


Smart, Flexible Data Migration

Data Chemist then goes to work. We take your existing data sets and apply artificial intelligence approaches - checking and if necessary re-formatting your data before migrating it into your target format. What used to be a process that took months or years is now completed in days. The result? Clean, consistent data.


Identify Data Errors - Fast

A side effect of our approach: we’ll provide you with a summary of every instance in which our technology cannot match existing data to the target structure. It’s the fastest, smartest way to get a quick handle on major data issues, and get to work resolving them.

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See New Patterns And Relationships

Using patented mathematical techniques DataChemist enables the identification and visualisation of relationships between entities, at depths unmatched by any other competing approach, and most importantly enforces compliance with whatever rules concerning those relationships we’ve already specified.

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Rinse And Repeat

Structuring and integrating data is never a once off job. You’re only ever one merger or acquisition away from starting all over again. But with Data Chemist, any new data sources are quickly and easily integrated into your desired format. That means more insight, less regulatory headache, and a whole lot of savings in time and money.

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Talk to Us

If you’d like to see Data Chemist in action - on your own data - get in touch. Unlike every other vendor in the market we can show real results with your data in days.

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