Cloud Services Architect / Devops Engineer

Cloud Services Architect / Devops Engineer

Do you get a buzz out of spinning up vast, complex, powerful computing and data resources at the push of a button?

Do you dream of an idle future where you manage vast computing resources without lifting a finger because your self-configuring, self-healing service configurations are so reliable and so secure that you sleep peacefully at night?

Do you wake in the middle of the night worrying about an edge case that your configurations didn’t consider and not sleep peacefully again until it is covered?

Would you like to make a mark on the world by building out the scalable infrastructure for the database of the future - crossing a whole new frontier in service elasticity?

Would you like to work as part of an engineering team who are tackling fundamental computer science challenges and collaboratively developing new and innovative solutions?

If the answer is yes, this job is for you.

The job will involve working with the DataChemist CTO, product manager and engineering lead to design and implement a scalable, secure and efficient service deployment configuration that can be seamlessly rolled out across all major cloud infrastructure providers.

DataChemist is a fast-growing venture-backed startup developing an enterprise knowledge graph database with unique capabilities.  The successful candidate will be part of our core-engineering team. This is an opportunity to get in on the ground floor and become part of a highly talented engineering team on a fast-growth venture-funded track with competitive salary, excellent stock-options package and a full range of benefits.

Useful skills & technologies

  • System Administration
  • Database Administration
  • Container configuration (Docker, Kubernetes)
  • AWS / GCE / Azure cloud service configuration
  • Popular data-processing / storage frameworks (Apache Spark, Hadoop, ….)

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DataChemist - Dublin, Ireland

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