eBook: Engineering Agile Big Data Systems

We're delighted to announce the recent publication (just in time for the holiday season) of "Engineering Agile Big Data Systems", published by River Publishers and available for free under the Open Access Publishing terms here

DataChemist CEO Kevin Feeney served as lead editor on the book, which lays out the theoretical basis underpinning the deliver of flexible and agile big data systems able to handle the complexity and scale of modern data sources. Alongside Kevin other leading figures in the space, from both academic and business backgrounds, contributed to a book that lays out in detail the guiding principles that our business is built upon. The book also includes two practical case studies detailing DataChemist with Wolters Kluwer and Oxford University.

To quote from the preface:

"As digital processes become more embedded in all facets of life, the ability to deal with big data has become not just an advantage, but a necessity. The massive increase in scale of computer systems has led to new challenges for the builders of software and data systems. The data these systems consume is heterogeneous and unstructured, requiring innovative approaches in how to deal with its volume, variety, and velocity. Manual management of data becomes impossible when dealing with billions or trillions of data points, necessitating the development of software systems which can automatically handle this magnitude of information. These systems must capable of automatic reconfiguration to deal with the changes in data required by the business needs of users and consumers"

We're proud to play our part in bringing new insight to these challenges and outlining appropriate responses to bringing structure to complex data, and consequently deliver the real insight that today can be so hard to come by. We're also delighted to publish under Open Access Publishing terms which ensures publicly funded research is shared as broadly as possible across both academic and business communities.

The book is available to download today here.

Written by

Kevin Feeney


October 30th, 2018

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