Forget Data. Embrace Knowledge.

Forget Data. Embrace Knowledge.

Data is the new oil and DataChemist is the refinery. DataChemist makes the complicated simple: we transform the messy, inconsistent data sets of the real world into clean, structured and integrated data. Our customers improve decision-making and reduce costs as a result.

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Putting Data To Work

Data should be a competitive advantage. Too often, it isn’t. Instead we spend vast amounts of time managing inconsistent and inaccurate data that can only support very limited queries. As a result, the promise behind ‘business intelligence’ is dead in the water.

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Imposing Order On Chaos

That’s where DataChemist comes in. We use artificial intelligence techniques to rapidly transform even the most complex data systems into clean, usable, and consistent data sets. We expose relationships between meaningful business objects that have until now been hidden.

Delivering Better Decision Making

That means better decision making as your data - and the connections between entities - informs your organization like never before. It means regulatory compliance, delivered without fuss. And as the only graph database technology able to enforce a meaningful ontology on data, DataChemist delivers huge cost savings on traditional data management approaches.

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"DataChemist's ability to organise huge, messy, real-world, densely interconnected datasets certainly sets them apart from the crowd"

Christian Dirschl, Chief Content Architect, Wolters Kluwer Germany


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